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This page is currently under construction! Check back soon for up to date news on Enwise's latest projects!

Enwise is committed to delivering quality projects all over the Central Highlands. Each project has been managed with a commitment to quality and safety leadership to ensure the best possible outcome.  Enwise's internal culture demands the highest standard of project delivery and our completed projects, reputation and long term clientele reflect our status as one of Central Highlands most respected companies.Below are just a few projects that we have delivered over the past few years....

Emerald Aquatic centre

Enwise in conjunction with Gem Energy installed a 60KW solar PV system for the Emerald Aquatic Centre in June of 2016. This project saw the roll out of Q CELL Solar Modules in conjunction with ABB inverters. The Aquatic Centre saw a significant reduction in the cost of pumping and heating of the facility. 


Emerald Christian college

November of 2016, Enwise installed another large Solar PV system (99.906KW) for the Emerald Christian College. This not only significantly reduced their power bills but simultaneously reduced their carbon footprint. This project saw the roll out of Q CELL Solar Modules in conjunction with ABB inverters.


Marist college  

In January 2016, Enwise installed 100 kW of solar PV across several roofs at Emerald Marist College. Simultaneously, We installed all lights to efficient, modern LEDs, a move which instantly reduced electricity consumption by up to 25%.

For this job we elected to install Q CELLS Solar Modules, guaranteeing reliable performance, as well as highest efficiency and output. The panels are matched with a range of three-phase string inverters by one of the most well-known and trusted brands in solar PV, ABB.



In September of 2018, Enwise headed a solar project aimed at reducing costs of H.E.M.E.. For this project we opted for Phono Solar Panels in conjunction with an SMA inverter complete with online monitoring. Online Monitoring allows our clients to access key system data anytime, anywhere. They can also analyze measured values and visualize and compare yields, meaning that even minor deviations can be detected and resolved quickly. As a commitment to our clients this systems performance  is internally monitored by Enwise. 

Emerald Golf Club

One of our most recent projects saw a 72KW Solar PV system fitted to the Emerald Golf Club.

This project posed unique design constraints with its curved roof and abstract design, however with our more than capable solar technicians these were easily overcome with the results speaking for themselves. The Emerald Golf Club has significantly reduced their overheads along with their carbon footprint.  Enwise saw this project through from the initial quote to completion.


Longreach Our ladies Catholic College

In January of this year Enwise completed a multi-stage project for Our Ladies Catholic College, Longreach. This project involved an upgrade and install of new and existing infrastructure as well as complete electrical upgrade, air-conditioning and installation of fibre back bone - linking the new infrastructure to the existing systems.

Bonnie Doon Intersection

Enwise is working in conjunction with TMR, Aurizon and The Central Highlands Regional Council on the upgrade of Bonnie Doon Intersection. Enwise will be responsible for the installation for the main lighting and power of the project. This project is set to be complete in April of 2019. 

Origin Energy

An ongoing project to supply and install power, A/C, communications, HV, Generators to various Origin projects located in the Condabri Region. This includes camps, operations centres and warehouse/workshop facilities.

Emerald Twin Cinema Complex

A completed project to supply and install a new 85kW Temperzone Package Unit on Cinema One at Emerald Twin Cinemas. This new unit replaced the aging and inefficient 18+ year old Apac. This new unit combined with repairs to the temperature control systems has a resulted in a +30% reduction in power usage, which is great news for the environment and the power bills!

St Brigids School

Completed contract with RAM Constructions for a new Catholic School located in Emerald, Queensland. This project includes;

- All refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Hutchinson Builders Origin Energy Reedy Creek 400 person Village

A $3 million contract for Hutchinson Builders for a 400 person accommodation village located at Reedy Creek, Queensland. This project Included;

- All LV reticulation throughout site - All MATV throughout site - Supply and Installation of Gensets for site ( 3 x 500KVA)

Compass Group South Hedland Gateway Village

A $15 million contract for Bloomers Construction under the control of Hatch for a 1300 person camp located in South Hedland, Western Australia. This project Included;

- All HV and LV reticulation throughout site - All Communications throughout site - All Fire Installation throughout site - All CCTV throughout site - All MATV throughout site - All Security and access control throughout site.

Ausco Modular Caval Ridge BMA AV 800 person Camp

A $5 million contract for Ausco Modular for the construction of the Caval Ridge 800 person Accommodation Village for BMA. This project included;

- All LV reticulation throughout site - All MATV throughout site. - All communications throughout site.